The Neighbor Center

  • Available to “returning neighbors” upon release
  • Services offered to former inmates from local, state and federal facilities
  • Goal is to prevent re-incarceration
  • Case managers and volunteers provide services and support
  • Case management to access or secure housing, employment, education, job training, transportation, health care, treatment for mental health and addictions, legal services, meet special needs such as disabilities


Direct Assistance

  • 130 returning neighbors served
  • 8 referred for mental health services
  • 20 obtained personal ID
  • 29 assisted with transportation 
  • 7 assessed for disability benefits
  • 20 arranged health care
  • 13 provided food
  • 10 referred educational services
  • 24 provided clothing
  • 1 referred for legal aid
  • 2 phone cards pre-paid


Housing Assistance

  • 27 returning neighbors were provided with housing since January 2018
  • The Returning Citizens Housing Program provides transitional or permanent housing for returning neighbors experiencing homelessness
  • The ESG Housing Program provides permanent housing for returning neighbors who are experiencing homelessness or are at-risk of homelessness

Job Readiness


Coming Soon!

 The Neighbor Center is pleased to announce that a job-readiness classroom has been installed and that classes will begin soon. These classes will help our returning citizens prepare for employment, while addressing their social skills. The job-readiness curriculum will be geared towards assessment, skill set, personhood and job placement. 

  • Assessment: helps individuals meet employment goals; 
  • Skill Set: addresses social skills and provides GED and/or high school equivalent programs for those who need it; 
  • Personhood: aids in personal development of the returning citizen; 
  • Job Placement: involves creating resumes, filling out and submitting applications, and preparing the individual for interviews. 

The Neighbor Center is excited about offering this program as it not only addresses the basics of job search but also offers a holistic approach that can create a lifetime of difference.